Winter At The Farm

What a busy year we had in 2015! We hope you and yours had a year of abundance. Here at the farm, the hot, dry summer led to some of the heaviest yields we’ve ever seen of many vegetables that we grow. In all we sold almost 3,000 lbs of produce through our CSA, canned another 1,000 lbs or so, froze a few dozen lbs, and fermented about 100 lbs. We’re once again gearing up for our CSA, keep an eye out for information coming soon! We will begin accepting CSA applications on January 15th. We’re currently working on developing our seed orderĀ for the year, always an exciting endeavor. Other than that, we’re enjoying the peace and quiet before another season wraps us in it’s abundant arms. Happy New Year and Namaste!


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    • Thank you! I added a photo to this post, and will be using more photos in the coming months. I’m glad you enjoy them!

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