Trim Back Your Berry Bushes

Been busy around the farm lately, trimming raspberries back, cleaning out greenhouses, starting onions from seed (a new project), all the great stuff that brings an anticipation of a ‘new’ growing season. We do grow some things year round, such as greens. When we say ‘new growing season’ it usually refers to the months between March and November, from the time seedlings start popping up until the last winter squash is pulled from the field. It’s also the time of year that we order most of our seeds – hundreds of dollars worth! For every $1 we spend on seed, though, we usually get about $7-10 worth of food, so it’s very worth it to our family :)

Here is a quick tutorial on trimming raspberry bushes:

1. Cut out dead branches from the previous year

2. Wire up 3-5 new canes (pick the strongest ones) every foot or so

3. Then, trim the rest of the new canes away (you want the canes you selected to have vigorous growth, which requires cutting the new canes, at the right time of year – February for those of us near the 45th parallel)

4. Trim the tops of the new canes to be about 5′ high – trim them right above where a bud will emerge

5. Step back and admire your work!



7 thoughts on “Trim Back Your Berry Bushes

    • You’re absolutely right! We will be trimming them again in a few weeks and I’m planning to take more photos :) I’m glad you enjoyed the post!

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