For The Time Being

We are about to order our seed for the year – everything from parsnips to mustard greens. We’ll also have tomatoes, summer squash, and other ‘normal’ veggies, too. It’s always a big investment to order seed each winter. That’s one of the reasons why many farms, our included, accept deposits for their CSA programs this time of year. Not only does it save your spot so you know you’ll get a basket brimming with healthy, locally grown fruits and veggies all summer, it also supports the farm by allowing us to purchase seed and infrastructure elements such as raised beds. To find out more about our CSA, click here or email us at – we look forward to hearing from you!

Ordering seed is one of my favorite times of year – it’s still cold outside, but inside, with a hot cuppa tea, I pour over catalogs full of colorful photos of Moon & Stars Melons, Big Jim Peppers, Japanese Trifle Black Tomatoes, Rainbow Quinoa, and on and on. My husband and I have been gardener/farmers for six season now, so I am starting to get a good handle on what works well in our area, and which seed we make sure to order every year. There’s a particular orange cherry tomato from Territorial Seed that I happily pay nearly $.50 per seed for!

I hope you are enjoying the beginnings of Spring as much as we are – Namaste!

Photo below: overwintered cabbage that we made into sauerkraut


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    • Julie, even with just a few plants you can do amazing things :) thanks for signing up for the CSA, I’m sure you’ll enjoy having added variety – see you next week!

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