The Busy Season

Every season is busy for a farmer, but spring is that crucial time that really sets up how your year will turn out: when to plant the yellow canning beans and dry shelling beans? should I sell most of the eggplant as plants, or keep it to grow here for our CSA? do I want to spend my time building more raised beds or starting additional tomatoes? and what on earth am I going to do about all the volunteer veggie plants that are already growing all over the garden?!

The reality of farming is glorious – there’s nothing quite like the feeling of being worn out every day in such a completely fulfilling manner. As I’ve been planning this year’s CSA, I’ve realized just how normal farming has come to seem. Getting into the greenhouses and checking on livestock first thing every morning, often even before a shower, is my normal.

Greenhouse In April

Market also started a few weeks ago, and there’s always the question of which plants to bring each week – Ponderosa Pink or High Carotene Tomato? Peacevine or Orange Paruche? And are the herb starts ready to go yet?

It’s nice to be busy, especially doing something I love.

PS – for info about our CSA, check out this link.

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