Here comes the CSA!

We are getting very close to the first delivery date for our CSA! It’s been really busy around here – we’ve had to fence off a couple of areas from our chickens, who free-range, and we’ve had a couple other fun projects in the works, such as this one:



I’m making the cloth roof for it this afternoon, it’s so close to finished! My husband built it, partly out of scrap wood :)

Meanwhile, everything in the garden is producing like crazy! I just harvested some of the first cherry tomatoes, a full two weeks before we normally do. Climate change sure is something, isn’t it? In addition to managing the veggies for the CSA, I am choosing which plants to save for seed and managing a greenhouse still full of plants yet to go in the ground (staggered plantings are our friend)! It’s been quite a busy Spring, and we’re excited that it’s finally summer :)

Thank you to all who have signed up for our CSA, we hope you enjoy the hard work that we’ve put into it. Namaste!

op tomatoes

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