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We have had a CSA basket from Time Being Farms for a few years. We love it! We often had more than enough to share with friends and if you love peppers, this is the CSA for you! Delivery was amazing and I love the lack of waste in how things are packaged. My youngest daughter would make sure she was the first one to get to the produce so she could claim all of her favorites (tomatoes, berries, pears…) and there was always enough to fill out most of our lunches and dinners with fresh organic produce. Well worth every penny.” – Dawn

I work downtown and often can’t make it to the farmers market on Saturday. But I love fresh produce and having Ariana deliver for me {on Wednesdays} has been so convenient! I love the variety and selection she has brought me, from delicious tomatoes and peppers in the summer to organic cabbage and winter squash later in the season. I would totally recommend this to anyone who wants to eat healthy and venture into some new veggie territory.” – Miriam

Our sweet little family was selected to receive a low-income CSA basket for the 2016 season from Time Being Farm. We jumped for joy when we heard the news…okay, I did because I love fresh, organic produce. But over the coming weeks, the kids were always excited and would come home on Wednesday afternoons, asking, “What did we get this week!?”, as they reached in the fridge for some fresh blueberries. As a single mother of two babes working on healing my health issues with diet, the true gift this CSA brought to our lives is beyond measure. I am so grateful for the kind people in this world like Ariana and Nate of Time Being Farm that give back to their community and help make the world a better place. I believe that access to healthy, organic, local foods should be available to all people regardless of their social status. This low-income CSA is doing their part to help reach this common goal for communities across the globe. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for gifting our family with the delicious nourishment from your farm. We enjoyed many wonderful meals together and it makes our hearts happy that another family will blessed in the same way next year!” – Danielle

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