2016 CSA Produce List


Welcome to our produce list for 2016! We’re so glad you found us. Time Being Farm is a small family farm located about 30 minutes south of Corvallis, Oregon. We operate under our parent farm, Crossroads Farm. Time Being Farm runs a small CSA offering home or office delivery and Crossroads Farm participates in two farmer’s markets in Eugene and Corvallis. Together, we grow our food crops on our 20+ acre farm near Harrisburg, Oregon. We do not grow on plastic or under plastic as some other farms do. Between the two farms, we have a combined total of about 70 years of organic farming experience here in the Willamette Valley!

To see our extensive photo gallery of produce, click here.

This list of produce below will be added to and is subject to change. Time Being Farm’s focus is on providing a custom-tailored, high-quality CSA experience – which is why we offer home or office delivery! We cordially invite you to join our CSA for the year 2016.  Email us at timebeingfarm@gmail.com for our 2016 CSA basket application form. Thank you, we look forward to serving you this coming CSA season.


Broccoli Raab




Mustard Greens


Sweet Corn

Green Beans

Yellow Beans

Purple Beans




Sweet Peppers (10+ different types)

Hot Peppers (5+ different types)




Tomato – Orange Paruche

Tomato – Sweet Goddess

Tomato – Peacevine Cherry

Tomato – Japanese Trifele Black

Tomato – Bonita Ojo

Tomato – Geranium Kiss

Tomato – Virginia Sweet

Summer Squash – Cocozelle

Summer Squash – Grey Zucchini

Summer Squash – Cube O’ Butter

Summer Squash – Green Tint Patty Pan

Summer Squash – Round Zucchini

Winter Squash – Baby Hubbard

Winter Squash – Golden Acorn

Winter Squash – Butternut

Winter Squash – Delicata

Winter Squash – Sweet Dumpling

Winter Squash – Butter Pie





Various Greens*



Other fruits*

* Starred items may be sourced from a different local farmer who also has organic practices, as we do not specialize in said items and want to make sure we provide the best quality produce at all times. This provides benefits for everyone: the other farmer gets more business, and you benefit by receiving the best possible produce!


6 thoughts on “2016 CSA Produce List

    • Hi Britney – if you’re interested in applying to work for us, please email relevant experience and qualifications to timebeingfarm at gmail – thank you!

  1. This is a great produce list. I was glad to learn you will be offering even more variety for 2017. I’d like to sign up, how do I do so?

    • Hi Evelyn! You can request our application, which only takes about one minute to fill out, by emailing us at timebeingfarm at gmail. I look forward to your email!

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